Eliza Blackwood is a highly recommended Naturopath on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with over 15 years of professional experience. She has worked both in Sydney and overseas caring for a diverse range of people, solving health issues and helping families grow and grow up with health.

She resides on Sydney’s northern beaches and enjoys caring for local families, children and people who are looking for answers to their health issues.

Eliza specialises in preconception care, fertility, pregnancy and beyond. She also has a special interest and success with skin and digestive issues.

A Naturopath will spend time with you to understanding and investigating your health issues. Utilising a holistic approach, all aspects of your diet, health and lifestyle are assessed.

With this in depth understanding of your needs, treatment recommendations are then made which may include dietary and lifestyle suggestions, herbal medicine or nutritional therapy, functional testing or referral advice.

Eliza offers her Naturopathic services in both CBD Sydney and Sydney’s northern beaches, servicing brookvale, dee why, fairlight, manly, frenchs forest, mona vale, Narrabeen and more.

NES Health

Assess the body in just seconds for a new perspective on your health to find out how to solve your issues on a deep level using some of the newest science available.


Your capacity to enjoy life is directly related to your physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Natural Fertility

Support for couples wishing to boost their ability in achieving a healthy, easy, pregnancy, birth and beyond.


7 Different reasons to see a Naturopath

  1. You have been struggling with health issues for some time
  2. You prefer drug-free options
  3. You feel your diet could be better
  4. You can’t find your energy
  5. Other treatments haven’t helped you
  6. You want a second opinion
  7. You just want to feel healthy and well